Why meditate? Will it help you with the problem you want to solve? Or to bring your dreams to reality?

Why yes, it will!

I’ve been doing twice-weekly online meditation gatherings for over 7 years and been teaching meditation for over 25 years. There are a host of reasons I could give you for “why meditate now, more than ever” (inner peace, resilience, better health, clarity, enhanced creativity).

Instead, let’s look at meditation in the service of innovation.

Inspiration in the Service of Innovation

Yesterday I interviewed renowned author and biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, for Wisdom Talk Radio. He said, “If you are going to believe that you can be inspired, you have to believe that there is something that can inspire you.”

In the old mechanistic view of the universe, there was no greater consciousness to be accessed.  With the most recent research in physics and the nature of the universe, it has been demonstrated that consciousness exists throughout nature, indeed, throughout the cosmos.

When we are in relationship with the source of creation, then we have something from which to be inspired.

How do we access this relationship? Inspiration is, quite literally, breathing in. What if you could breathe in from the consciousness of a higher intelligence? If this intelligence were the universal field of energy of which we are a part, then we can receive answers that are beyond our ordinary consciousness. They are “beyond” only until those answers become part of us. Then we get to bring these ideas into form, as the solution to what was needed.

Inspiration for Innovation

Be Inspired for Your Whole Life

Think of what your life would be like if you could be inspired in every moment. With each breath that you take, there is connection. You feel the flow.

Inspiration is the act of co-creation. We are co-creating with the Universe, by that which we wish to be inspired. In our humanness, we are the ones who must act. This is the crucial element in the whole innovation process.

The Source of our inspiration cannot act upon the world. Only we can do that. So if we sit and wait for inspiration to strike, and then do nothing with it, then we haven’t done our part in the co-creation equation.

Going within. Inspiration. Action. Each element is required for innovation.

We can move through life in this state of co-creation, so that we are living life in a state of inspiration. When you “forget”, you can “remember” with your very next breath.

This is where meditation takes its place, in the service of you co-creating for innovation.

Ready to add meditation into your life? 

Turaya Meditation is a process that allows you to connect with your whole self so that more of your creative potential and deeper truth can be revealed to you. During the meditation time, energy transmissions are made available through the use of higher consciousness energy symbols. This accelerates you to more easily enter a deeper level of relaxation and stillness. And, it opens and deepens your connection with your creative intelligence.

Find out more about Turaya Meditation Live Online and join in today!

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6 Responses

  1. I love Rupert Sheldrake,’s quote: “If you are going to believe that you can be inspired, you have to believe that there is something that can inspire you.” Well said.

    Laurie, your article is insightful and coincides with what I’ve written in my book. Nice to know we’re on the same page (yes, pun intended). As you wrote, “Inspiration is the act of co-creation.”

    Many blessings…

    1. I love that Barb! That connection gets stronger with more profound results as we continue to give it time and attention. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Meditation is a lovely gift. I’ve tried a variety of types but my current favorite is Yin yoga. The level of connection and relaxation almost always leads me to something wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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