What if Life Were a Personal Journey? In fact, it is.

journeyEvery journey has a beginning point and a destination.

Have you ever noticed that each day is a beginning point? At the end of the day, the ending point, do you take time to reflect on the day and acknowledge everything that happened? Do you pay attention to what you learned?

Is Your Journey Yours?

The truth is that life is so busy. Days are filled with attending to the lives of others at home, in business and with friends and acquaintances. Failing to get your own time results in overwhelm, over-commitment and living life in extremes.

Have you noticed life moving at a faster pace? Obligations, commitments and to-do lists run your life. When do you take time out to look at your life? Have you begun to see life as a series of moments filled with overflowing detail? Have you ever come home and felt like you lived years in one day?

Everyday life can remove you from your destination.

Do you imagine life could be different? Of course!

Each time you are removed from your destination, your path adjusts. The outside world has little idea of what is transpiring within you. It is your internal guidance that keeps you on track.

The Lure of the New or Needed

Some days I feel as if my life were infiltrated by the newest technology. In this parallel universe, technology moves so fast, it scares me. I just get used to technology and a newer version takes its place.

A similar pattern in your life may extend into personal relationships. You become deeply entrenched by trying to help others live their lives. Though well intended, you may steer them away from what they really need to do. You don’t know what their internal guidance system is providing.

This pattern consumes your life force and diverts you away from your intended path. Conversely, how you involve others in your life by asking for help or direction, may undermine your inner voice. It causes you to mistrust what you know is your next step.

Your inner voice is the framework for building a trust network from within.

The Relationship of Change to Self-Trust

Life evolves, changes, and modifies direction, moving dynamically. You want to control it so you feel safe. But the more you control your life, the slower and more complicated it becomes.

Let go of the manufactured drama pattern of working with life. Stop playing games to manipulate life. Begin navigating consciously. Be deliberate with your actions, always questioning what you need to do.

Life will flow and you will feel self-acknowledgment and trust as your inner voice grows. Surrender and listen to your voice. Direction and a sense of knowing will guide you through a personal journey.

Learn what aspects of life bring you to a place of peace, calm and self acknowledgment. Fill your life with those precious moments before you address the world.

When you rush to get up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast and get to work, your relationship with Self diminishes in importance.

You have replaced your life force with a series of details that keep you outside of yourself. The personal journey is nowhere to be found. Your work and your relationship to life keep you active and engaged. Often, perhaps, too busy to pay attention to what your body and mind need.

Before you realize it, you are caught in the detail of preparing for the next day. You have forgotten to take time with yourself. Your nurturing time with Self is absent. You feel exhaustion instead of exhilaration. When was the last time you sat still to look at the life you want?

Can you discipline yourself everyday to be quiet? To feel the pulse of life running through your body?

Bring Self-Nurturing to the Foreground

The adage, “take care of yourself before trying to take care of others” is more important than you realize. You are responsible for nurturing yourself, determining your picture and setting yourself in the direction to fulfillment.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying forget about the outside world. I am suggesting that you align yourself and take your own council as your life partner.

Bring your inner connection to the forefront of life and discover the results. Learn what nurtures you. An internal strength and a voice within you emerges. Your life becomes a living truth. Your life has an undeniable dimension and your self-expression becomes the way you carry it out.

Learn what aspects of life bring you home to yourself. Consider what you do that brings you back to your center and your Self communication. Learn what nurtures you everyday of your life. Your breath keeps you in touch with your life force. Your eyes bring the outside life in. All of your thoughts and feelings give the opportunity to grow.

Enhance your life with alone time.

sunriseClaim Your Journey

I love my walks with the dogs. It is the time when I can see the sunrise. Each sunrise is different. I look forward to each day and the painting it represents. Judgment cannot be placed on a sunrise as each day is more unique than the next. I experience the excitement in colors, shapes of clouds and patterning in the sky. At the end of the day, I enjoy the same. I reflect on everything that has occurred in-between. Nature, in this one way, starts me off and brings me back to a wondrous appreciation of life.

Each day has many facets. They all contribute to who you are in every moment and make a lasting impression.

Are you ready to claim your personal journey? How would your life be different?

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