What If We Lived Our Lives With Self Respect?

Self Respect is defined as: “Regard for the dignity of one’s own character; A proper respect for ones’ self as a human being; Confidence about your own ability and value.”

Most of us experience life as a path of learning, refining and experimenting. Our perspectives and life approaches are shaped by our life experiences. We decode our interactions and decide how they fit into our beliefs.

Some situations cause us to look deeper into our core to examine the impact on our alignment and interpretations of the world, within us and outside of us.

Sometimes we question ourselves and our core beliefs and other times we accept the information from a place that knows the information aligns with our beliefs. In either case, these situations are opportunities for growth.

self respect As an ideal or perspective emerges, we weigh and compare it to our life experience. We have our own system of checks and balances within us that assist in identifying with the perspective or dismissing the idea.

When we seek to integrate an ideal, we weigh this against our belief system and modify our belief if we feel the truth of the experience. As we integrate the new belief, we may seek outside interactions to test the waters.  Once the integration is complete, it becomes part of our character.

In the case of Self Respect, the origins of our core being have become our innate operating system. We do not easily waiver from our core belief as this is the essence of our internal structure.

Our personal alignment

self respectEach of us has a specific alignment with ourselves, our thoughts and most of our actions. We question our actions when they do not feel true to our internal moral compass.

When a discrepancy between beliefs and actions arises, we have to determine the validity of our core belief. If we go against our core value, self respect can be lost. Our stability and foundation become shaky until we find a point of equilibrium.

As my confidence grows and the sense of my perspectives is enhanced, trust has become a knowing force. My sense of self lies in the trust I feel. I have been told many times that people experience my calm and feel a sense of trust and confidence during business transactions. What I know is my Self Respect is the constant strength and balance from within.

Each of us has a base of Self Respect. We feel a connection to our inner core as it expresses without internal conflict.  We take actions from knowing because we trust our next steps. Our inner core is freely expressing and the actions we take on a daily basis are solid.

Are there times in your life where you know your actions come from the core of your being?

Are you open to feeling supported from a place you trust within you? Take a breath. Feel it inside of you.

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One Response

  1. My journey has helped me to learn to listen to my inner voice, to trust my myself and that has translated into a healthy self-respect. It doesn’t mean that I am perfect, but it allows me to forgive myself for mistakes made while at the same time continuing to trust myself.
    Healthy self-respect also allows us to see the value in others and allows us to treat them with dignity.
    The world needs more people with healthy self-respect!

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