What if You Lived Life Out on the Edge? Life is a Journey.

what if on goldHave you ever gone blindly into a situation and proceeded “just because”? As you reflect on this, how did you feel? Were there characteristics you can acknowledge now that you hadn’t previously recognized?

You has been out on the edge many times.

Chances are you might answer that you felt fearful but elated, driven but unsure. The outcome is not as important as the risk you took.  You were willing to take action. How you felt as a result of your actions could range from “What was I thinking?” to “I am glad I took the risk!”

Life is full of experiences leading to opportunities.  When you take action, learning and expansion result.  Implementing your pictures has risk. Action takes your life to its edge. Living life on the edge creates growth, provides experience, improves your intuitive skills and sharpens your perspective.

cliff coloradoWhen fear dominates your thoughts, your mind manufactures more obstacles.  The walk out to the edge becomes a cliff. Taking steps into the unknown may force you to retreat.  When you turn your back on creation, you can never know the power to manifest the pictures you have created. Your world and willingness to act shrinks!

Locked by Your Limits

What you are willing to do is different as you grow older. Knowledge, awareness, willingness and trust play a major part in your choices.  If you feel locked in by your limits and forget you always have choice, you rarely live your life out on the edge. Life becomes stagnant.  You have lost the luster of youth.

Looking at this question over the past few days, I began to reflect on how it has applied to my life in recent years.What I noticed is that my perspective, goals and attitudes have changed over the years. The risks I was willing to take when I was young were less analytical. My internal drivers were more experimental and experiential.

Today the adult tendency within me is to respond more carefully. I require more exploration with seemingly endless questions and concerns.  In short, I look for more reasons not to step out into the unknown!

What happens? Holding back from my dreams because of doubt and fear undermines my willingness to act.

After all, if I throw caution to the wind, am I being irresponsible and selfish, undermining who I am and what I have accomplished? Am I being practical?  Can I afford to make the changes?

Am I willing to live life as an adventure and receive so much more expansion?

Taking the Next Step

A picture or idea comes to mind. What is really being asked has to do with risk and my willingness to be creative. Do I trust my instincts and life experience and rely on my inner sense of knowing?  Have I given myself the freedom to explore and dream?  Am I ready, willing and able to take a next step?

edgeResearch your picture, asking yourself questions about the creation itself. Do you have a legitimate, strong feeling about taking a step in this direction, leaving fear behind? Are you willing to let go of any preconceived notion of who you are and what you have done in the past?

You can always want more and more information. The sense of urgency will leave and the timing of the opportunity will be lost.  Make a choice. Trust there is an unfolding picture.  Pay attention carefully to what you need to do every step of the way so your picture can expand and you can feel more “comfortable with the discomfort.”

Isn’t life meant to be a journey?  How else can you go on the journey if you are not expanding?  Life is experimental and experiential.  When ideas command your attention, find out what they are and what you need to do.  Any time an idea surfaces, exploration time is needed. Be quiet and explore its potential. Let the feeling arise within you so you know what action must be immediately taken. Commit to your action.  It’s amazing how your focus and actions attract the right situations.

Standing out on the edge is a feeling of unfamiliarity.  Once the edge becomes familiar, the discomfort disappears because you have oriented to the change.

The cycle continues. Another expansive idea emerges and once again the edge appears.

Are you ready to let go of playing life safely?  Are you ready to make your mark on the world?

You are ready to receive your big picture of life, aren’t you?

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