What if you surrender to life’s bigger picture?

jigsaw puzzleCan you imagine what your life would be like without pictures?  Could your life move forward at all? Would creativity exist? Would there be any way to move forward on a daily basis?

Pictures are an essential way of life.  You have pictures everyday which create a sense of how you want life to be. They range from the minutest aspect of daily life to a grandiose vision of your future.  Take a moment to ask yourself what you want to eat for dinner. Is there a picture emerging from your desires? Can you taste what you picture yourself eating?  Do you know where you want to have that dinner? Do you feel anticipation for the picture becoming a reality?

Pictures guide us in building our present and future. When we willingly accept pictures as our guidance system to manifestation, they influence the direction we follow and the way we proceed in life.

There are essential elements for the manifestation of pictures. Manifestation occurs when these elements are clear and the feeling associated with each one is strong. As each element aligns with the other, your picture becomes more and more tangible. Soon the creative dynamic takes over and your manifestation begins to take shape.  You must surrender to timing and release your interpretation of how things have to be in order for your picture to unfold.

Your picture has to have relevance.  If it is not relevant to your life, you will not have the desire needed to make the vision a reality.  Relevance includes experience, whether life experience or knowledge learned through training.  If it does not fit with your experience, additional education may be needed.

DCF 1.0Visions need clarity, otherwise the outcome may be haphazard.  Clarity of your picture will develop dimension. This process is much like putting a drawing or a concept onto paper and adding additional perspectives.  Asking questions associated with your picture will give you a deeper understanding of what you need to do and how you need to do it.  The power of your mind to shape a picture creates a more tangible vision.

Focus is a very important component to your picture. Focus gives your dream direction. Direction aligns you with the steps to take and the timing for each step.  It is like putting one foot in front of the other to allow the picture to grow.

Taking action steps keeps a momentum going for your picture to manifest. Physical action sets a dynamic in motion towards the manifestation of your picture. Though your actions may not bring a result within your expected time-frame, taking action will set a momentum which attracts situations to your picture. This shows up in your life as synchronicity.

Regardless of your picture, you have an innate desire to transform your vision into reality.

As a picture grows, a bigger and bigger picture will emerge.  New directions surface and sometimes stumbling blocks adjust your timing.

The big picture carries the blueprint of your life.  It is composed of all your past experiences as well as situations which keep you on an undefined course. An experience which carries you in one direction today may not give you the same result tomorrow.  When you pay attention to timing and take action to match it, synchronicity becomes natural. Every picture will continue to unfold until the picture is manifested or you deliberately stop focusing.

Working with pictures matched with the essential elements can move you into being the creator you were meant to be.

Explore your pictures and see what life brings!


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