What If our Lives were Free from Clutter?

free from clutterIt’s time for a move!

I have lived in the same home for the past 12 years. My home reflects my personality, in all its strengths and weaknesses. When guests arrive the outward appearance is well organized, stylish and welcoming. Visitors see beautiful art and furniture and a well-orchestrated palette of color.

It’s an ideal home for living and entertaining. Even the dogs will welcome you at the door and keep you entertained.

Hidden Clutter

Behind closed doors the hidden personality emerges. I am a collector, not of everything, but of lots of things. I keep files forever, old computer programs and backup disks, a wine collection, books I have not looked at in years, art supplies, office supplies, construction materials and Christmas decorations from day one. I have too much space to accumulate and store stuff! I think you get the idea.

A major move is planned in the next 6 months into a smaller home 1200 miles away. The home is roughly half the size of my current space, with no basement or attic to store things. I’ve begun the task of sorting and lightening the load. The good news is I will move into a home which is fully equipped from kitchen wares to furniture to artwork. The bad news is that I will move into a home which is fully equipped from kitchen wares to furniture to artwork.

So the downsizing has additional complications. Two homes: more stuff!

Organizing Takes Hold

Fortunately, I am a great organizer with lots of drive to get tasks completed. Taking the time to sort and purge externally has led me to question the internal patterning. If I have this much stuff in my outer world, what have I been storing in my internal world? Has my relationship with stuff and people cluttered my ability to move forward?

Each of us has an internal world full of experience. We have taken action to further our growth, adopted new perspectives, formed strong opinions and judgments and navigated life in our own style. We have built patterns that are mostly predictable. In short, our life has become a file cabinet overflowing with files of old information. As the old information – clutter – continues to accumulate, our sense of freedom diminishes. We are no longer the carefree children that play in a sandbox or swing effortlessly. We have become fixed in our ways and limited the wide-open doors to a new life.

cartoon moving truckThough I am only 10 days into the clear out, I can feel my environment lightening. I still have a long way to go to be free from clutter, but I can already feel the difference when I return home from work. I feel a sense of smoothness and space and reverence for how my home has served me so beautifully for years.

I have memories of the first time I saw this home and how it has been transformed. Those memories include spending time with friends, wonderful clients and a past generation of dogs.

Transformation: Free from Clutter

My home has transformed me. The evolution of my home grew as my personal style changed. It has nurtured me and housed thousands of memories. Living in my home has helped me to realize more creativity and to expand my circle of friends. It has allowed my business to flourish and my personality to grow with stability and shelter. Cleaning out the past is allowing me time for purity and a new space to emerge without sacrificing the memories and learning.

As my relationship with this home comes to an end and a new chapter begins I remind myself I am not who I was 12 years ago. Life has evolved and the next phase is about to begin. Getting free from clutter allows my next adventure to start at a different level.

It is time for the next resident’s dream to emerge!

What space can you create for your next level to unfold?



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