What if power comes from more than the personality?

officeI was raised to be a businessman by generations of businessmen. My inner world revolved around my determination to carry on the legacy. In fact, my father and grandfather would say I was groomed to be their successor! Power follows power.

For a significant part of my life, I did my best to live up to the picture.

Inner Quest and Power Search

By the time I reached 30, I had become increasingly dissatisfied with my life. I was able to accomplish things, but had little feeling of reward beyond a paycheck. Life began to change at 33 when I started to look inside, researching my next steps.

When you begin to question who you are, where you going and how to know what is true, life turns toward research—inner inquiry. My heart’s desire was to feel a part of life’s flow and to live life with clarity. Reflection became an important guide to track and acknowledge my past accomplishments and experiences.

weightsThe desire to discover my true power was built on living life from a different perspective. I realized certain aspects of my life were taking away from my clarity and power. I had listened to too many opinions and adopted them as my own perspective. By nature, I am a creative being who enjoys new situations, problem solving and building life from creative projects. I am a pioneer. Now I had to give my personality a rest, accepting that it was okay, in order to pursue more clarity.

I realized life could not change unless I was the one making changes.

Patterns are made to be broken

Breaking the patterning required being aware that life could be approached from a different perspective. This did not mean I was about to live life in a vacuum. I simply needed new life skills. Delving into my own inner space opened the doors to a new understanding. From the place of quiet, clarity emerged. This place was only available when I was quiet and relaxed.

An important discovery occurred as I became disciplined with my thoughts and allowed a new life to unfold. An inner voice began to emerge in response to my questions. The questioning could be as simple as asking what I wanted to eat or as complex as the review of a situation that needed direction.

As I acknowledged the role of my inner voice and took steps according to those thoughts, my actions had greater results than I had anticipated. My world became a place where I was much more of a participant. A new feeling of trust and power within myself emerged.

Synchronicity became the norm. I felt a greater part of the flow of life as I surrendered more and more from my personality. I never realized my personality had so many strong opinions and judgments about life!  These opinions may have had validity at one point, but they were no longer relevant. The focus became on the here and now, a great departure from yesterday or tomorrow.

Past generations had built a wonderful foundation within me, instilling values of diplomacy, commitment and action. This is a legacy I carry. Life is now more of an experience and less of an obligation. Freedom from my limiting beliefs allows me to work with life more effectively and with greater awareness.

Releasing my beliefs, whatever their origin, has grown into much more of an opportunity to experiment with life.

How are you experimenting with life? What are you questioning?

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3 Responses

  1. I like the clarity of thought. Whatever our inner voice is and it may be nothing more than a memory bank of experiences that we call on for direction, it has answers to our questions?

    1. I’m not sure if you are making a statement or asking a question! My experience is that the inner voice is far more than my memory banks. However, without having discernment in relation to my inner voice, I won’t know if I am simply hearing what I want to hear or receiving true guidance. What is your experience?

  2. We all have broken mirrors to look at ourselves and try to reflect those broken mirrors on others. But, when we look at the perfect mirror of Jesus Christ, we see and know our way, Potential, and perfect will for our life. If one will look inside of yourself without the perfect love of Christ, you will always be looking at a broken solution: for it is not in us, but the Christ in us we look to. With this view, I can clearly see others in love, and meet them where they are.

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