What if you had a plan for your day? Find your flow.

planEach day life presents you with numerous opportunities.  People work with life in different ways where planning your day can have a variety of approaches.  You may approach each day with an attitude of laissez-faire, or you may tightly schedule your life.  Could your plan allow for a blending of the two styles, permitting life to change in a given moment?

Many years ago I realized something very important about public speaking.  Some people present their material with the same rehearsed rigidity while others appear to speak impromptu. Personally, when I approach my presentations from a rehearsed script, I feel the material lacks flow and cohesion. Rehearsing my presentation was boring to me as the speaker, so I shifted my approach.

The Plan Within a Plan

Preparation of the material became an evolution, where I wrote over the course of a week. This set a dynamic in motion, where each day the script seemed to grow effortlessly. The day before the presentation I asked myself for 3, 4 or 5 key words and wrote them down on cards. I would speak using the cards as an accelerator and a trigger. My speeches became full of life. Stories emerged as I spoke, and the order of the topics changed dynamically.  Not only do I feel amazed at what I deliver, but the audience is more responsive than ever.

This approach translates to everyday life. I have discovered that as I move about my day, situations present themselves in a seemingly random fashion. It is not unusual to receive a phone call, have a person come across my path that I need to contact or notice something special in a window as I pass by.

Life has become a dance and I find other partners while I am at play. Life works. My tasks complete themselves without the stress of getting things done. Appointments fit in perfectly; even traffic seems to cooperate. Life has a flow; a deliberate unknown path surfaces and opportunities present themselves. Sometimes rest is needed and other times I feel energized.

I feel supported as I move about in the world, thus I trust the unknown. My life is lived with synchronicity.

Isn’t this possible for you?

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