Do you feel an urgency to create? Poetry is love in motion

For the past few years my friend Wali Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith has been sharing his poetry with me.  He’ll often send something in response to a blog post of mine that he’d read in the TBJ newsletter. I’ve treasured his words. They are luminous beacons of the soul’s journey.
Qutbuddin Smith
Photo by Emmitt Booher
I discovered that by the age of 80, he had spent 38 years of study on the Sufi Path, mostly through its poets and Hazrat Inayat Khan, who brought Sufism to the West. Qutbuddin has been writing poetry for decades.     I asked him once why he writes:
Why do I write…? I have no choice… I have been writing and performing poetry since 1961, with greater and more insistent urgency as the years went by.
What about you? What do you feel an urgency to create? Your expression is meant to be shared! The flow of your creativity mirrors the flow of your life. Sparking the lightI’ve chosen a few of Qutbuddin’s poems that light me on fire. It was so difficult to choose! May they spark the resonance of your heart’s voice. Listen for the ways that speak to you. Open yourself to receive. Creation is always new.

Philos 89   On My Internal Marriage


1> Calling Down My Spirit

 My Spirit is Singing again,,,thru the trees

Singing again up the ravine and deep, deep

Down in the canyon, but…walks not…for

I am the walker, the talker. My Spirit knows

The Paeans of the Spheres…and How to Fly

My Spirit is never grounded…

2> Calling Up my Soul

My Soul likes the dark ways. allies, caves

The bottom of the ravine…at the river’s side

Deep in the canyon…or just above in the

Catacombs of earthen mind and heart…warm

Darkness protecting, shadows birthing

In the Soul’s womb-deep retreat…

3> & I… I Stand Between Them

It is these two with whom forever I dance

Between…letting mood and fever enliven

Foot’s fall and lift my head…I can never

Let blue moods hold sway over

My heart and only rarely over my head…

Ebullience cannot be contained by

Darkness… Always it explodes into the

Light…often doing so with song…from

The Ethers or from Her Earthen Breast…

The music draws me up off of sofas

Of discontent…I cannot stay down…

Some say of me that I am ungrounded…

I say to them: Come fly with me…

Join me in the flight…

In the Joy…in the Light!

Ink pen writing (1024x527)

My Moments of Being


I need moments aside from the River’s Flowing voices…even as its voices Sing and cry, pool and sigh, spill and run again…

I am distracted from center… And my own seeking of The Light… Light is Home…is my Center and… The simultaneous edges of being… Sitting as the River runs away with My senses…leaving a void…null sensing… Needing only a mooring to the Self, to the I… When Self has reached out to me From the Center…sitting here at The abyss’ edge…I have seen In the depth of the mirror… Murshid’s Face

Or I have seen Khiddr from the green forests Of Self come walking toward me and I am elated and I am awed and I am Confounded with desire to go Home

And I am strengthened to walk on into The next moment of my beingness.


We Are That We Are 


It’s a simple truth: “We Are That We Are!” The pear tree is that it is… The hazel is that it is…

I am that I am…

From here I walk to you… For you are my mirror to my growth… Here after this seed…sprouting…reaches Ever upward…ever deeper… Being a being capable of awareness Of what is to the left or right… Sensing what is behind… Seeing what is in front… Receiving from what is above… Breath is the medium that carries this body…

Lives are lived and ended within a breath… Thought is an energy carried on the breath… How we think is how we live… So learning what ‘thinking’ is… How ‘thinking’ is originated… How it is compelled…impelled…

How one can purify one’s thought process… It is a simply obvious…natural desire of Every ‘human’ being… Or…it should be…

So be it!

Agape 132: Loving Humanity


We once, pre-renaissance, thought that our Sun

was the Center of our Universe…and

as a people, a church…condemned a great

man….Copernicus…yet, with a core of the

Truth being his, the Renaissance began

to gain momentum.

Galileo confirmed Copernican

theory in its own Light and led us

toward the Universe’s true dimensions.

Yet we are called, as mystics, back into

Our Own Center for…it is in here that

The Oneness centers its claim…in Our

Soul-Heart connection.

That little self, the ego, is loosened

from its grip on our minds and horizons

in the rising illumination frees

our Hearts to open our Minds to lyrics

singing from our Soul’s intuition

resource bank…

All of those saved pennies can be spent Now!

Ideas and concepts dusted off in

the new Light from our awakening Minds!

Closets full of old dreams brought

into the Light, lit up!

Avenues brought out of the horizon’s Light…

Creativity expanded…drawing

community into the wonder…

The excitement

Opening the Qibla

for all…into the knowing of Oneness…

Of The Unity…

that is The Love of Humanity!

The Love of You and Me

For Thee…Humanity!

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10 Responses

  1. What a gorgeous website, Laurie! ~ And this post is simply beautiful. I found myself captivated by Qutbuddin’s poetry. ~ Your powerful questions, “Why do you write?” and “What do you feel an urgency to create?” – has inspired some wonderful journal writing this evening. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Laurie,
    I took this photograph of Q while hiking the slot canyon trail at Kasha-Katuwe National Monument in 2014. Thank you so much for sharing your post on him. When I began reading the first poem, Philos 89…I could not believe what I was reading…it was like reliving that fateful moment when I saw Q coming up the canyon in that spiritual place. There was an aura around him which compelled me to ask him for a photograph…which was totally out of character for me…I am so thankful that I did and that he graciously accepted. While we were total strangers there was…this… inner knowledge that we were connected. We have since re-connected and talked about that wonderful morning and chance meeting like it was yesterday. BTW…the photograph will be exhibited from January 30, 2016 to March 31, 2016 at the Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me use this photo, Emmitt! It brings another dimension to Qutbuddin’s words. It’s wonderful to have the “behind-the-scenes” story of how it came to be.

      The photography show you mention will be held in Carrizozo, New Mexico.

  3. I loved Q’s story and his deep devotion. They speak to my heart. Philos 89 was my favorite. Transcendently grounding. Thank you for sharing his story and your query. I have felt an urgency to create that I’ve been working my way up to – so your question is a well timed nudge.

  4. Poetry is the art of translating your heart into words. I’ve been inspired by Wali Qutbuddin’s wise words.

    Thank you Laurie, for compiling it here.

    I’ve tried my hand in poetry before, there’s something so comforting about it. Here’s the first few stanza of one of them:

    “In an endless chase to find myself
    To locate the real me
    To pull the right book of the shelf
    That defines me legibly

    I swim to find myself some more
    In hopes to salvage me
    Though I’m always washed back to shore
    I try back pridefully

    A children’s game of hide and seek
    Where kids all choose a side
    Yet I am both, in one physique
    I somehow flip its tide…”

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