Mindful Children: Helping Them Remember

A Conversation with Katy Allred, A mostly mindful mommy

Is there a way we can help our children never forget? – Katy Allred

The external world pulls in such a powerful way. Finding my place in that world as I grew up, kept my attention trained on figuring out how I appeared from the outside. I measured my worth on peoples’ response to me.

That’s the root of self-doubt: looking at yourself from the outside-in. Not maintaining a connection with your inner source of remembrance. It’s very much like being a universal yo-yo:  happy if someone gives you kudos and on the downswing when approval is absent.

The grace of remembrance

There are moments that arrive feeling like grace, when I experience a new awareness about life and my place in it. I call it “new.” Yet I sense it more as a remembrance, a rediscovery of something I had once known and then forgotten. A connection with something that has always been part of me.

 Everything is Presence

When I first became pregnant with my daughter, my spiritual path was deeply embedded in my everyday life. I spent time each day in communion with the essence of this being growing within me. I became aware of the intimate connection of this baby with Presence. The truth was, I felt my unborn child as Presence within me. I remember receiving such exquisite clarity in our energetic exchanges.

meditation-for-childrenWe have an opportunity to be with our children with this same kind of clarity, helping them to continue what they knew before they were born: that they are part of Presence. They are not separate.  This means that we, as adults, need to remember this. It means that we are the role models showing our children what is possible.

Mindfulness for our children

As soon as I discovered Katy Allred’s work, I knew I wanted to share her with you. Katy is a Mindfulness Coach for parents and children. It is work that is so needed.

Listen in on our conversation where we talk about how families benefit from mindfulness practices; how you can begin practicing mindfulness with your children and what ages they can start meditating. Then head over to get her free gift of 10 ^mostly mindful mantras.



Katy AllredKaty Allred is a mother, wife, and Mindfulness Coach for parents and children. She created the ^mostly mindful mommy to inspire parents and families to live mindfully, deepen connections, and awaken to their authentic selves. As a Certified Meditation Facilitator for children, her passion is teaching mindfulness skills to children that help them become more happier, calmer, and more confident. She blogs at mostlymindfulmommy.com.


For more suggestions on helping your children using mindfulness: 11 Simple But Effective Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

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6 Responses

  1. Fantastic interview! And this quote – We have an opportunity to be with our children with clarity, helping them to continue what they knew before they were born: that they are part of Presence.



  2. Oh Laurie, I love this blog post so much and am so glad you shared about Katie and that you two had this wonderful conversation. It is so very needed in this world. Yes , our children are the change but we need to be the change with them!

    1. I so agree with you Nadia–we must be the change right along with our next generation. Thanks for watching!

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