Use the Power of Reflection to Acknowledge a Fuller Truth

This past week a dear friend passed on.  One of the insights it brought to me was a reminder about the importance of reflection in my life.

One of my friend’s sons called to keep a promise to his mother to contact me when the occasion occurred. I was not surprised when Gary called, as his mother Agnes had been constantly in my thoughts all week. When we finally spoke, an amazing experience occurred which was not only felt deeply, but joyously.

Gary called, told me his mother was gone and the first words out of my mouth were inquiries as to how each family member was doing. Agnes and I have known each other for many years, yet I have only met her sons once. Like many long time friendships, we know so much about people and their families through their eyes. Agnes was no exception.  We discussed her concerns, her children’s celebrations, the addition of grandchildren and how her children’s lives continued to evolve.

Speaking to Gary revived the preciousness of my relationship with Agnes, evoked wonderful stories and surfaced discussions he and I may never have in person. A statement popped into my mind and out of my mouth that indicated Agnes and I probably never had a secret between us. This is something I had never given much thought to but the acknowledgment of this fact brought me to a special acknowledgment of the ease and trust our relationship had developed over the years. In life there are very few people who have opened the doors, helped me to know more about myself and most importantly did not judge who I am, or what I do or have done. We had so much fun just being who we are and often surprised one another with our generosity of heart. We constantly delved into the world of the unknown, expressed our ideas, thoughts, philosophies and wishes. Our lives may have been very different but that did not matter.

As Gary and I shared, more and more stories surfaced. The stories were more about discovery of life, our ideals and passions. There were numerous conversations about what was next in our lives from business to love, places we may live someday to our relationships with ourselves and others, and most importantly how we were growing through life, experience to experience.

The conclusion I have come to is we celebrated life together. As I reflected, I relived our life through acknowledgment and my body felt the truth of every word I shared with Gary. My thoughts moved Gary into speaking freely. In this situation, reflection led to acknowledgment, additional insights and the fullness of unrestrained truth. What a nurturing celebration for each of us! Not only is it amazing what we feel in our bodies, reflection became a celebration with balance and clarity, increased my awareness and cemented joy in my body.

Every experience generates an impact on our mind and body when we take time to reflect.



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2 Responses

  1. heavy stuff. powerful. reflection is definitely needed. we need to see ourselves before anyone else because with all honesty, we are who we are because of others. solitude is a sharpening force, companionship and nurturing is the molding force. without revelation of self, nothing in this entire reality would make since and values will be depressingly skewed. our image is a reflection of what we learn, what we take in. moments, memories, experiences are all a collection of our existence.. I think we should all mind our minds a little more. fall in love with our insights, develop a relationship with our ideas. and cherish them, protect, adore, and flourish them. peace and love.

  2. En-joyed your reflection – in taking time like this we can “mine” further all the gold that is forever coming to us – yipeeee!!

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