What about Love?

There is a place of hope in many hearts that life can improve itself by knowing and experiencing Love.  Love for another, and self-love. That might be an answer, but is it?

Is that the truth of what love is about or is it something that we have created emotionally to respond to our senses?

Can we go beyond our senses and bring love to a new level of energy that would take us to a place of freedom and peace within?

Perhaps Love might be an energy connection from our Higher Self, to the Source of life: The Presence

Is that what love might be: That connector that is pure Energy that doesn’t know emotion but relates to that peace and freedom within that we feel when the vibration of love is present?

Do we equate “Love=emotion=senses”? Or can we see love under a new light:  Self=Love=Source?

The Source is THAT which we can connect to with by the power of the breath through the vibration of Love.


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2 Responses

  1. Love is a choice. It is not a feeling. To me, the emotion that we think of as love, is actually need, fear, attraction, or romantic attachment. Love is a decision one makes, that one practices and DECIDES each day to foster and re-create.

  2. Hi Diana!
    Thank you for your comment,and i do respect your choice…
    For me the vibration of Love is felt when i hold a baby they emanated pure Love, when i look into the eyes of my dogs and fell their unconditional Love in my heart,and that is only few example.We are all connected with the vibration of love within our heart it doesn’t matter which religion or belief we have…
    The word love has being often used has a travesty with all the emotions we attribute to it…Maybe fear is fear, sex is sex,romance is romance and maybe the Love vibration is That what connect all of us through our heart center…
    …and that is only my feeling about Love…
    with a grateful heart

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