Going Deep into the State of Turaya: Take a Quantum Leap

How do you take a quantum leap into your future?

The blueprint for conscious evolution is in the cell. But how do you connect with this grand plan?

Realize that everything — your potential, your guidance system, your cellular memory —  is in place within your physical body. It simply needs to be awakened so that you can experience a deeper sense of clarity and inner direction.

The human body is an amazing vehicle. It operates day in and day out, year after year, helping you navigate through your life. It provides you with feedback in the moment. That feedback gives you direction and assistance in making decisions or taking action.

How often have you had feelings or thoughts come into your awareness, seemingly without reason, that you have overridden or disregarded in that moment? Then come to find later that the feelings or thoughts were actually insights that became reality? Have you walked into a room or come upon a situation and felt something, even before knowing all the details?

The Language of the Body

This is the power of the physical body.  It can provide you with insight and information before your personal thought process has had time to understand or to figure things out.

Your physical body is sensitive to energy. You are exposed to and live with different kinds of energy all around you, on a moment to moment, day-to-day basis. However, energy is something that you don’t necessarily see or consciously think of regularly. So you are often unaware of the impact it has on your physical body and your daily life.

The physical body speaks a language of its own. You can learn to decode this language and receive what the body is trying to tell you. You see, consciousness begins with the “feeling body.” The more you are willing to connect and identify with your feeling body, the more it will reveal to you of a bigger picture.

As you develop the practice of inner reflection and quiet, a whole universe of memory and remembrance emerges. It is catalyzed by the simple choice to interrupt your racing thoughts. Often, these memories are not recognizable from your conscious awareness, but arrive as moments of revelation. They are often self-contained and have a meaningful beauty that is for each individual alone. Remembering who and what you are, comes with these moments of deep silence.

The act of such remembering becomes a sacred journey. This is the journey that is facilitated by Turaya. Turaya takes you deep within the inner silence—to the mysteries within.

Ready to have a virtual cup of tea with me and talk about where you’ve been (and where you’re heading)? Reach out to me here to schedule a complimentary sessionThis will guide us on how to move forward, together.


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  1. Hi Laurie !
    This is a great site congradulation … thank you for all good work you are doing…
    much love your way

    1. How lovely to hear from you, Manon! I have been thinking of you. I appreciate your kind words. Big hugs to you.

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