Inner Guidance Made Real: Turaya Meditation and Turaya Touch

Do you want to find that still place within you where you will find the answers to your questions? Turaya Meditation© and Turaya Touch© bring you to a direct experience of and connection with your inner self.

You feel the utter knowing of who you really are.

Turaya Meditation©

Turaya Meditation© is about much more than learning how to breathe, relax and quiet your thoughts. It is an all-encompassing process which allows you to connect with your feeling body. It’s the first step in connecting more deeply with your own inner guidance.

Turaya Meditation© helps you to make changes in your life, so that you can claim more of your potential. You express new creativity in every area of your life—your work, your health and your relationships.

Turaya Meditation© accelerates the opening of new dimensions of your awareness. It’s like stepping into an ever-changing landscape that offers new possibilities at every turn.

This is life: an on-going journey to be savored rather than a destination to reach.

The benefits of a Turaya Meditation© class go far beyond the class time!  You ground your experiences of deep meditation in your day-to-day life. You learn the fundamentals of aligning your outer life with your inner direction.

Learn to put meditation’s benefits into daily practice. You will be able to find calm clarity and your balanced center, no matter what is going on around you.


Turaya Touch©

Turaya Touch© is a hands-on energy system that works at the cellular level. It helps you go beyond nonproductive patterns—physical, emotional and mental—so that you can know the truth in your own heart. As you allow this strength to anchor within you, you end cycles of struggle.

It’s time. Unlock creative opportunity in your work, your relationships and your way of being in the world.

Turaya Touch© reconnects you with your inner wisdom. This integral part of you guides you from moment to moment, with unconditional love, throughout your life.

During the class you receive the initiations that will activate dormant energy systems within you. You learn how to give Turaya Touch© to yourself and to others. You are introduced to the fundamentals of Inner Law. Inner Law creates a foundation to live your everyday life aligned with your inner guidance.

Turaya Meditation© and Turaya Touch© came into being through the dedication of Dawn. She was a true Master, committed to learning about energy and the nature of truth and unconditional love. For over twenty years she worked with a core group of people from various walks of life and different parts of the world. She opened new energy systems within them, charting the path for self-mastery.

The dramatic changes that this core group experienced in their own lives inspired some to become Turaya teachers.

You can experience Turaya Meditation© twice weekly with a subscription to Laurie’s Turaya Meditation© Live Online group. She also offers weekly live classes in Denver, Colorado. Laurie offers private Turaya Touch© sessions in Denver and classes in Colorado, France and elsewhere. For more information, contact her here




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  1. Turaya Meditation and Turaya Touch are two powerful tools that will allow you to enjoy life and be a better you. They work.

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