Feeling uprooted? As the storms rage, as the world turns, go within

Dearest one, how are you? The trees aren’t the only things that have been uprooted. Certainly not.

Fire, water, wind, earthquakes, war talk…fear, worry, grief, despair.

So, tell me. How are you, really?

How do you deal with life when you have been uprooted, physically (you had to evacuate, your home has been impacted); or when life changes have left you feeling emotionally, mentally and spiritually displaced? When your life feels uprooted?

We have been experiencing upheaval on a massive scale in the world. I cannot remember a time when my body has felt such gale-force winds within me, witnessing the scale of the upset and upheaval in the world.

More is Needed

These are the times when more is needed. Even when you want to ignore it all, and just get intimate with Netflix’s best. More is needed because there is always another storm. Another patch of unknown territory.

You have to know how to navigate—swiftly, with the clarity that is born from inner knowing.

Yes, I know that I am always beating the drum about the abiding value and life-altering significance of connecting with the source of your inner knowing. The compass within you.

I do it because it’s true.

We all witnessed how the shifting nature of this recent storm turned a sigh of relief quickly into a heart-pounding sense of urgency.

You know how that shows up in life.

The thing is, life is always that way. Even when we’d rather pretend that tomorrow will be the same as today, things still change. Some days it feels like there is nothing you can hang on to, that isn’t changing.

That’s why being able to navigate with and through the storms, no matter how they present themselves (and you know I don’t mean just hurricanes and fires), is vital to your well-being.


When your inner gears lock up trying to “do” your life in automatic mode.

When life’s storms are sounding the alarm and “safety gear” is required.

If your heart is pounding with the magnitude of upheaval inside and all around you.

(Deep breath)

Or, even if you are not standing directly in the path (this time, thank goodness) of whatever kind of freaking explosiveness is shaking the roots of the world. But you are someone who walks a path of service and wants to help.

You need to know how to navigate through.

Stand fast in the light

uprooted Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

You want to stand fast in the light. Because heaping worry and concern on top of what already exists, just makes a grand mess of things.

So, take a breath, go within—deeply, quickly, now.  Feel the ground beneath your feet. Let’s together, take what we already know and create an energetic support network to help you get through to the other side of this. No matter what your “this” may be.

Learn to hold steady, even if it looks like madness in the outer world. Inside can be different. Believe me, it is different, once you learn how.

Become a Beacon

Inside will sustain you. And as it sustains you, you in turn become a beacon for others who may not yet have found their way.

So, whether you yourself have been directly buffeted by the winds…or want to be part of holding the lamp high so that others can see the path ahead, going inside is where you will find the calm. It’s where the answers reside.

It’s where you remember that you’ve been through this before (in one guise or another) and that you will find the fork in the road that has your name on it.

Keep walking. Pay attention to that small voice within you that knows the way. It’s there. You just have to get quiet inside to hear it.

These days I’ve gotten a louder drum. And I’m drumming like crazy. From the inside-out.

Did you know you can ground in the light?

It’s time for rooting deeply within. Let there be light.

Join me, dear heart?

Are you feeling uprooted with all the “storms” going on in the world? Let me help you steady yourself, so that you can find clarity. Because knowing how to be in your life and take care of what is needed is crucial right now. From there, you know your next step.

Ready to have a virtual cup of tea with me and discover your “Right Fit” next step? Reach out to me here to schedule a complimentary introductory session

This will guide us to the right way we can work together to get you back to steadiness.


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11 Responses

  1. Powerful and timely post. We experienced a “near miss” and that has put most family, friends and neighbors off balance. I’m walking an interesting line: looking at how to help, grounding and rebalancing and basking in the glow of Netflix. Thank you.

    1. You have so much to offer. I am so glad that it was a near-miss for you, Andrea! So many are feeling off-balance in these times.

  2. What a wonderful post! I love your advice! As an empath, I feel everyone’s panic, worry, and pain through these crisis. Going within definately is the place to find peace!

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