What if we moved about the world using discernment?

tug warWe do not have to live life in the dark.  

Each of us works with life using internal information. This internal information is used to navigate through life in our own specific way.  Our bodies act like a barometer constantly providing information on life’s conditions. Accurate information can reveal itself to us when we pay attention to our body.

Each of us has experienced body reactions to stimuli that instruct us on how to respond. The stimuli can be as basic as staying away from the flame of a fire or as complex as sensing danger with no obvious visual stimuli.  What is remarkable is how our sensing mechanisms can accurately steer our lives providing guidance and direction.

Does your life feel like it works?

Our mind provides additional information. The mind’s information can be based on past experience, projection onto the future or an “in the moment” response. We can question whether our actions are aligned with our thoughts. But it takes more than the information from our mind to take clear action. Perhaps this is why we have such a complex body sensing mechanism.

Have you ever noticed how life works for some people and not for others? Some refer to this as luck. Sometimes we believe people are more fortunate and have an upper hand in life.  In reality, some people have integrated their body and mind connection in a more complete way. A significant part of their connection allows them to unite this body and mind connection with their inner knowing.  Trusting inner knowing advances their actions in a deliberate way, leaving an opening for life’s potential.

Life’s mysteries are housed in the unknown.


To decode life’s mysteries, rely on all your sensing mechanisms. Listen to your inner thoughts, reflect on past actions and acknowledge your life experience. In short, utilize the whole, not just parts of yourself.  Don’t rely only on what you see, hear or think to define the world.

barometerConsider your body as a barometer gauging information every moment of your life. Trust the part of yourself that knows truth.  If you do not feel the truth in your actions, you have not decoded and discerned what you need to do.  Take advantage of the quiet to discern your action steps.

Use life’s qualities to navigate life

Do you question the information you receive and then see how your body connects with the truth of the information?  Do you reflect on inner knowing to see how you feel? Are you responsive to both your inner and outer aspects to take advantage of life’s opportunity?

We each have an internal guidance system which can assist in the navigation of every day life. It requires us to take time to find answers rather than move blindly through life.

We have the ability to live life deliberately, trusting our actions!

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