What if Our Vision Expanded to Receive New Opportunities?

june 14 13 one It is rare to live life without a preconceived idea, feeling or emotion, especially when we hold a vision of something we want.

Our mind naturally wants to know! We want our lives to work and to be smooth as silk.  In reality, we want to predict the outcome of any task before we begin and to control the process of getting our results.  Fortunately or unfortunately, life experience tells us differently.

Ideas begin as a thought which then grows into a vision. In order for a vision to materialize, we must have an associated feeling of desire. This desire causes our visions to move into action.  Visions will grow to a certain point before something alters the vision. This change tests our desire in one of two ways.

june 14 13 two

Agenda Fixation

If we hold steadfast to our vision, an agenda develops because we have become fixated on the result. The agenda is a driver, a means to an end.  Agendas have a life that is controlled and directed, with a single purpose.  Our single purpose orientation sets our expectations.  We want our agenda to manifest our result, our way.

When we instead allow our vision to unfold, we are presented with direction and a sensing of our next step. Surrendering control, we work with the changes that enable our vision to grow. As we embrace our next step and take the actions presented to us, we realize that the step may or may not appear to be related to where we think we want to go. Nevertheless, this next step helps us to discover more about the vision.

A coincidence or chance meeting introduces us to another connection related to the vision. It may not be obvious at first, but our vision begins to decode its mystery and expand into another perspective. When you consciously acknowledge what is occurring, the experience grows. This unfolding mystery keeps your attention and life becomes a dance.

june 14 13 threeWhat Manifesting!

There are instances in my life where I have listened to and followed through on visions that have come to my attention. One of my favorite examples relates to my adventure with purchasing real estate starting at age 26.  I awoke one February morning, in a half awake, half asleep state. The thought that entered my mind was: I am going to Cape May, NJ to buy property today.

At the appropriate hour, I phoned a real estate agent in Cape May, set an appointment for early afternoon and described the investment I would like to preview.  When I arrived at her office, she was on the phone.  Searching for properties involved a Multiple Listing service that published books once or twice a month and the most current information was communicated agent to agent.  The offices would post copies of listings on a wall and you would pull a tear sheet off the wall to give the agent a list of properties.

I reached out unexpectedly and removed a tear sheet, giving it to the agent when we met.  The agent’s reaction to the listing was, “You do not want to see this property.”  Keeping my focus, I asked her to add it to our list for the end of the day.  When we pulled up to the property I stated, “This is the home I am purchasing today!”

In the next 60 days I became the new property owner.

Over the next months, I refurbished and furnished the two unit dwelling.  I decided to rent out one unit year-round and the second unit seasonally.  After a number of years I sold one unit for just under what I had paid for both units.

The Steps

Paying attention to my vision and the feeling related to the vision, I had received a large windfall!  When I reflect on the purchase and ownership of this property, my initial vision and my actions, fixing the property up and ultimately selling it at a handsome profit, I realized that participating in the vision was extremely rewarding.  I learned two important lessons.

First, listening and taking action was rewarding. Second, allowing the vision to unfold let me approach the development of the property step-by-step without being overwhelmed, since I had done most of the improvements myself.  To date, I have purchased 32 properties and lived in 7 homes, which has always been a profitable adventure.  Each property came to me in a different, mysterious way! Over the many transactions, I created more and more equity, which led to some of my financial independence.

What examples do you have in your own life that model this style of living, expanding on your visions?

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