What if we were able to master our internal world?

Rock climbing requires self mastery
Rock climbing requires self mastery

Mastery: complete control of something; knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well: Command

Mastery of life is something we each desire.  If we are not master of ourselves, our approach to life would be haphazard, as the external world would manage the internal world. In the business consulting world, this is referred to as crisis management. Simply put, these types of businesses are managed from one crisis to the next. There is no preventive medicine that can cure the ills of these businesses. Usually continual crisis management results in collapse or reorganization.

Our lives are quite similar to this type of internal management. If the outside world manages our inside world, our attitudes are often ones of defeat and victimization. We have little or no self esteem and the outside world seems to be tearing us down. In my own life, once I made the decision to become conscious of my thoughts and actions, my life began to shift.

master of thoughtsI began to sort out my attitudes, thoughts and agendas which had developed into patterns that hindered my progress. Being responsible for my thoughts expanded my perspective which resulted in opening doors to new experiences. Life became more interesting and interactive. I was able to participate and life became more and more of a dance. The greatest realization I had was that life had a pulse and rhythm which can be referred to as life’s dance.

Soon I realized that my thoughts were clearer and my focus was deliberate. I felt as if I were participating more fully in my actions. The most exciting aspect was that new ideas flourished and the next steps to any action unfolded easily. I was engaged but not invested in what I was doing. There was no need to be as controlling as I used to be and an absence of agendas let me relax and be more “real” as a person. I noticed that I was attracting people and situations that led me in expanded life directions. Time constraints disappeared and my tasks were completed as time flew by. Life became a dance!

Do not misunderstand me that there are not life obstacles or challenging situations. My ability to navigate life has changed. Life feels different, there is an ease in my body, a willingness to speak more freely without self judgment and a desire to grow. I do not rely on the world outside of my inner thoughts to dictate the way I feel or the steps I take. There are still steps I take and tasks I need to do which are not comfortable, but I am clear or I am patient enough to wait for the clarity to arrive. I do not place heavy expectations on myself or others.

The world of expectation has given way to flexibility. My level of understanding and patience is more accepting.

Have you noticed changes in your life and how you work from your internal structures? Do the opinions of the world outside of yourself continue to be as powerful? What can you do to build your internal structure so that life can work?



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