What if we looked at life as growth and change?

There is an expression most of us have heard: “the only constant in life is change.”

growthWhatever would life would be like without change and growth? No day ever appears the same.  Unfortunately many of us do not really look closely at each day until a startling event occurs. Daily life can be as unpredictable as sailing a wind-tossed sea. Unfortunately many of us do not really look closely at each day until a startling event occurs.  When we become focused on the event itself, our scope of experience and learning narrows.

The result: we look only at the situation and react.  Rarely do we take the time to review how it impacts our lives. The bigger picture is not included or addressed.

We need the perspective of that bigger picture for life to move, take shape and flow.  The clearer the picture of where we are headed, the easier it is to navigate.  We must be able to discern our experiences on life’s path.  It’s a bit similar to going to the grocery store with an intended list and getting sidetracked by the wonderful smell of bread baking.  Before we know it we are purchasing dessert rather than the razor blades we intended to purchase in the first place!

Perhaps it is time to make a shift in conscious behavior and use our awareness to review and acknowledge the movements in life.

I have noticed in my life that many of my changes occur out in the world, not when I am sitting at home.  Perhaps this is because my nature is sociable.  I meet people easily and often find connections as we share with one another.  I am the guy who talks to strangers on elevators and discovers we have something in common!  I could say life is full of happenstance and luck, but I believe there are other forces at work.

What I realize is that my life has many “unknowns” which reveal themselves to me in several ways. The social aspects I mentioned reveal a part of the unknown. My social interactions are constantly adding new experiences I would not otherwise have if I remained at home.

It is important to acknowledge that there has to be a feeling about where I am going and what I am doing.  This has to do with having discernment about what I do, where I go and the timing of when I do it.

Part of the fun for me is uncovering the mystery that lies underneath these social experiences!

3 8 2013 stageOther discoveries occur during moments of creative interaction.  I can be listening in a business meeting and an idea surfaces related to problem solving or design.

Currently I am working with a group of people on our annual theater production.  For the past five years I have generated the concept for the set, designed the set and installed the set with an incredible group of people.  Each year as we work with the script, pictures and ideas surface on how to build a set worthy of the incredible script.  There is always a new idea resulting from ideas that the script inspires.  Once we set the idea into motion, my installation team adds their ideas and interpretations.  I am always amazed at how the collaboration produces such astounding results!  A picture germinates within me, action steps are created and the result is a wondrous physical manifestation.

I must acknowledge these manifestations do not take place by themselves.  Contained within the unknown world are pictures that become physicalized. If they were not brought into the physical, the energy would soon fade and the timing of the creation would be lost. There is an energy moving through me which Creates!  I take this creation into the physical and respect the timing.  The vision is shared with my work team and the energy circulates.  I have invited others to participate in the installation and we build the final product.  Their creative energy in action unites with the picture and “Team Leon” builds the set.

I am always amazed at our results.

What projects in your life can you use as a parallel?  What if we viewed life from the perspective that our goal is to enable changes to occur and we actively participate in these changes?  Can we do this and not grow?

What is change if we do not experience growth?




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