What if Your Life was Transformed Overnight?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, transformation in the broadest sense implies “a change in the external appearance or inner nature.”

The recent storm in the Eastern US set something in motion within many of us. It was not the devastation; it is the remembrance that life can be transformed overnight.

Throughout our lives there are many experiences that have transformed us: marriage, the birth of a child, the death of a parent, sibling, spouse, etc.  We may think we are prepared for these milestones and yet, we find we are not. We may try to anticipate our reactions and in our mindset to prepare intellectually, yet there is nothing like the experience itself.

So, we go through a series of steps, each with the goal of coming to acceptance. Our actions and reactions reveal insights as to our life patterns. One thing I have learned over time is that behind our words are thoughts. We are often not as aware of these thoughts as we are of our words.

Influence of Agendas

Thoughts and experiences set us up to build agendas. These agendas have specific influences on how we handle situations, our conversations, opinions and actions. Nothing is more revealing than the actions. Our actions rather than our words tell us so much more of where the truth lies.

If our agendas were somehow short circuited and we had an empty mind where our actions aligned with our intentions, we would feel an incredible focus and clarity in the way we live life.

That’s a lot to take in.  A new purity would emerge in our communications and actions. The innate guidance system within us would keep us on track. The creative flow would be without blocks and we would likely follow our own inner wisdom.

Life may still take its twists and turns, but we would feel more confident and trusting of where we are and where we are headed!

Life Transformed

When we take quiet time to reflect, it brings us calm, as the dialogue in our heads has no way to continue. Thoughts come in and out and we can witness our mind’s clutter and the inner noise that years of life have created.  As the calm sets in, trust and comfort within us are evident.

Over time this quiet sets the building blocks into motion that generate a stronger inner connection. As the connection grows, our actions become more deliberate and consciousness emerges as the way of everyday life.

Each of us gain a sense of our own comfort that we do belong, we do have something to say and we have actions that support our ever changing vision.

Perhaps this is our life vision. Perhaps this is a perspective that makes quantum leaps of consciousness possible. When a quantum leap occurs, our perspective orients us to our next steps in life. The past that held us back seems to have little effect on our future.

It always amazes me how the act of giving thanks for what we have received, transforms us overnight!

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