What if we felt a sense of freedom all the time?

This time of year always fills my life with many details that seem to consume me.  There are constant social obligations, gifts for family, employees and friends to be chosen, and a work year to finish.  The new year rapidly approaches and I am required to begin business planning for next year.  Here I am closing out one year and at the same time expected to focus on the next, in enough time so that others may plan their resource needs.

Time seems to pass by so quickly and I sometimes feel like life is getting away from me.  I realize that often in life we are so tightly scheduled that not only is time not our own but we feel constrained by the day-to-day details of life.Often I put off what doesn’t not need to be done today in favor of other obligations that either belong to me or that others require of me.  At the moment, I am preparing for two days of travel, driving for approximately 18 hours. I have to pack, finish business details before leaving (or at least get everything organized), make sure the house is in order (I like to return to an orderly environment) and go through the many rituals of daily life. Since I will be traveling by car this trip, I have complete control of my time, pace and actions.  As long as I make it for my meeting late Thursday and have a moment to rest beforehand, I will be able to relax.  I have planned my route trying not to hit the major cities during their rush hours!

Here is my routine to prepare.  The day before, I get the laundry done, make sure the house is clean, take care of the various home ownership tasks, etc.  Then tomorrow bright and early, I hit the road.  Doesn’t sound very restful, does it? Well, knowing my personality well, I will get it all done, because I am very organized and regimented, especially when I have a task to complete.  I like coming back to an orderly home, so that I can relax when I return. I’ve even prepared approximately where I will stop tomorrow evening and will make reservations a few hours before ending my drive. On reflection, I see that my personality is doing what it needs to do. 

The most powerful realization I have in this, is that my nature and personality influence how I work with my life.  I know the details I need to complete and do not let them drive me crazy.  My personal nature works for me and allows me to move through life knowing that I have not left details unattended. 

The reason I am stating this so strongly is that I know this is not the way every person works. My personality and its qualities may be irritating to others. People operate in their own ways and have their own personality style.  Over many years I have learned that my way is not the only way that life moves. We each have our own way of doing things.

Life presents us with an array of people and their personalities, each with their own style and ability to work through life.  True freedom is felt when we relax with ourselves without being critical of our personality and the way we move through life.  Knowing our personality traits and appreciating how we move through life in turn allows others to live their lives in the way they choose. 

By Leon Sickles


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