What if you chose freedom over judgment ?

judgmentThere are key questions you may ask yourself throughout life. One of the most familiar seems to have existed since the very birth of humankind: “Do I measure up”?

Yes, that’s judgment.

Judgment = measurement

Look around you; then look in the mirror. You make judgments all the time. The roots for this method of measure are so deeply ingrained that your mind sings with judgment. Society is based upon this system of measure, determining how you feel about others as well as yourself. Every time you form a judgment you are measuring the appropriateness of your own life.


This is standard operating procedure. Sometimes you may be more delicate with judgment. More often what stands out is the harshness of judgments. As judgments build, a firm (rigid) picture is created which limits your freedom to think, freedom to act and freedom to feel. You then live your future built upon a rebar-reinforced cement foundation.

Do you ever listen to your thoughts and laugh at all the garbage that comes forth? Do you ever wish you had a quiet mind so your attention was not diverted to some insignificant action another person has taken?

JUDGE CARTOONYour judgments tell others how you think they should be in order to live life “your way.” Arrogance grows within separating you from others. You do not allow for the life of others to be available to you for learning or for growth. Your awareness about their lives is limited to what you think you see or feel. It does not take into account all the variables, seen and unseen, felt and ignored, experienced or avoided in another person’s life. Most of all, you are not part of their thought process about life. It is so easy to judge from the outside looking in!

Even as I write this, am I judging myself or any of you?

Let’s hope not! I took years to quiet my mind because I could not believe how destructive my thoughts had become. The saying “to thine own self be true” has more meaning than I realized. Being true to yourself involves honoring who you are, what you do, how you do it and where you are in life.

Honoring you to honor others

Honoring yourself makes it easy to honor others. You have accepted so much about yourself that it’s easy to laugh at your own foibles and limited thoughts.  When you feel honor there is a sense of dignity and grace as you move about your day. An attribute of honoring is self-respect. When you respect yourself, you live with a feeling of truth. You participate in life with a higher sense of purpose that is broad in scope and not self deprecating. You even carry yourself differently!

How much freedom do you feel when you are in judgment? If freedom is really what you want, it’s time to look at your limiting thoughts and break free!

Why not start now?

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