When horses become people whisperers

horses in round pen
Maureen and Marlene in the round pen


Maureen Donoghue and Marlene Armstrong are certified Equus coaches who partner with horses to generate the inner radiance of their coaching clients.

What is the magic that the horses bring? How do they help bring forth clarity and leadership?

Maureen and Marlene launched Unbridled Coaching in 2012 after “retiring” from their corporate careers and haven’t looked back. They like to refer to their work as “People Whispering”.

See why. Watch and discover how having a horse as your co-coach can transform your life from the inside-out.

Maureen Donohue


Maureen Donoghue’s 30 plus year career has had her move from classroom teacher, to technical trainer to corporate management consultant. Maureen has been married for 40 years and her “children” have been four legged. She has both competed and trained others in the sport of dog agility which was her passion for over 10 years.

Marlene Armstrong

Marlene Armstrong owns Foxview Stables in Ontario, Canada. In addition to offering Equus Coaching services, she manages boarding and horse training operations. Marlene has more than 35 years in corporate and operational experience, as well as over 30 years in the equine industry.



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4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Laurie for this beautiful interview! Marlene and Maureen are doing such amazing work. I just love this interview because I resonate with this message. I have looked after neglected horses for years, from race horses that are no longer “useful” to horses destined for the dog food factory. I know the time will come when we, humans and animals can live in harmony. I am aware of how present they are, we can learn so much from them. How wonderful that awareness is blossoming around this area ?
    Thank you all so much!

    1. I am so glad that this resonated with you, Marianne! Your work with horses is so needed. I look forward to seeing how your different threads get woven together in the coming time! <3

    2. Thank you so much Marianne! We love what we do and love to see our clients transform before our eyes! The magic and the power of the horse in helping humans move forward is beyond words. This is truly their purpose and we are honoured to be able to partner with them. The work you do with horses is truly commendable with many rewards on all levels. The horses are blessed to have you in this world. Truly your calling!
      Marlene and Maureen

  2. Thank you so much Laurie for giving us this opportunity to share what we do! It was truly an honour to be interviewed by you and to be part of the Baca Journey. Our wish is to continue to help people to move forward, to realize their dreams and to create the life they deserve to live. The whispering of the horses draws you near and provides you with fast, powerful and life-lasting insights that allow you to take that next “baby” step.
    All the best!
    Marlene and Maureen

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