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celebrationWhat a whirlwind of celebration it has been to help launch this collaborative book. And then to reach #1 International Best-seller status! It’s been a ride to the top of the rainbow.

How do you bring together 200 authors to manifest a dream? You need the willingness to share your vision and the inner sustenance to see it through. Our publishers, Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, have been gracious, loving shepherds throughout the process. I feel a deep well of gratitude to them.

And it has been fun! I’ve been part of something that goes far beyond me. To meet people that are fast becoming friends. Everyone has been so generous with their feedback and expertise to create a vehicle to deepen your inner connection process.

When I first heard about 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it.

Connecting with the deepest part of me—my soul, my Inner Teacher—has given me the strength and the direction to make the difficult changes in my life. Ending my marriage. Stepping away from being a psychotherapist. Leaving a high-paying job to answer my soul’s call. Each time life has demanded change, my inner connection has shown me the way. It’s been there for me because of my daily practice in building the connection! I am so grateful for the ways that my life has transformed.

So many choices for your own daily practice—365 to be exact. You’ll certainly find some that speak to you.

I have two pieces in 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul: Pictures of Possibility and The Inner Art of Celebration. Let me share this one with you. It fits perfectly with the US holiday of Thanksgiving on the horizon.

The Art of Inner Celebration

When was the last time you celebrated something? Did you celebrate a birthday or an anniversary? A promotion or some other big achievement?

Frequently, celebration means acknowledging something outside of ourselves, giving it special attention, significance, and value. But you can also do this with your inner life – you can practice the art of inner celebration!

If you look within, you’ll find so much that’s worthy of celebration. Consider something as fundamental as your own breath. Spend a quiet moment appreciating its life giving quality, and you’ll realize the miracle it entails. There’s no need for you to control the breath, nothing to orchestrate as it does the job of nourishing you. No chemistry degree is required to conduct the complex oxygen/carbon interchange. You release your breath naturally, effortlessly; and as you receive, you are energized and nourished. Take a moment to celebrate this all-too-often overlooked process.

Continue your celebration by considering how a similar process – the exchange of circulating energy, giving and receiving – plays out in your daily life. You receive and can then offer out. If you turn your back on receiving – with thoughts of insufficiency or denial – you stop the flow. Something inside of you begins to shrivel. Likewise, if you hold back from giving, you deny yourself the fullness of who you are and the joy that you can experience.

Celebrate and appreciate the natural flow of energy in all areas of your life. Through your gratitude, you extend thanks for the creative partnership that exists between you and the universe. And as you do so, your connection with yourself, your soul, and the entire world is enriched.

When you practice the art of inner celebration, you acknowledge yourself – and life itself – with a feeling of reverence. A door opens within you to worlds of new possibility. You remember that you are a miracle in this very moment.

You celebrate being alive.

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What if you tried a new way to connect each day?

Tomorrow visit with my friend and co-author, Keyra Conlinn and see what she has to say! Each blog leads you to the next, like footprints on the path…



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