What if your cosmic life had order?

cosmicCosmic: infinitely or inconceivably extended.

There is so much in life that goes beyond our understanding.

“I am nothing by myself.”  Life is not mastered by being great in the physical world. In the physical world everything is subject to your visual and mental influences. Your relationships are part of that physical dynamic. I am nothing by myself speaks to an unseen world where life extends well beyond logic and experience.

The unseen world can direct your ideas and your relationship to every dimension of life.  Then there is a corresponding world within you that responds to some form of energy dynamic which guides and directs our lives.

You body as cosmic decoder

Your body acts as the greatest information gathering and decoding system. It works with the information the unseen world provides.

Research has demonstrated that you only use a small portion of your brain power. This makes sense to me when I consider the expanded consciousness that requires my body to decode unseen information. Fresh ideas and the ability to contemplate life’s situations cannot be accessed when your mind is occupied with distractions.

Have you ever spoken with an old, wise person or a young child, and discovered that they see life in a different way? There is another world they acknowledge either through innocence or the experience of surrendering to life. This mysterious world has the power to open doors to information we cannot analyze.

We must listen. We must take action based on what we hear.  Life is revealed in steps which unfold in seemingly random ways. We cannot reach this world by striving to get there. It unfolds, requiring our silence and relaxation.

The quieter my mind and body are, the more information comes forth. I consider this my expanded Self in action, where I take the time to listen, ask questions and receive the answer.

Is it conceivable that this world exists? Have you contemplated that this aspect of life exists?  Have you experienced coincidences that show you that life works?  Can you recall instances in your life when ideas appeared to simply pop in?

The inner world of mystery

This inner world of mystery operates in daily life if you allow it to surface. My greatest life experiences have unfolded when I have listened and obeyed the information from this internal world that I cannot define, only experience.

Over time, a framework has been built, experience by experience, which allows me to rely on the feelings and answers that have come through the quiet place within me. I have learned to trust. I have learned to ask questions in this quiet place.  Most importantly, I have learned to trust the guidance I feel and hear. It has been an unfailing relationship which has taught me how to live life effectively, developing trust and answering tough questions.

This adventure exists within each of you, provided you are willing to surrender to a part of you that does not require analysis, reasoning and assurances.

Life just is. The more trust you have in what you hear, the more life expands. Opportunities arise is unexpected ways. You meet the right people, have conversations that unite with your dream or lead you to your next step in life.  After all, isn’t life about exploring our potential through the dreams, ideas and pictures we have every day?

Isn’t it time to ask yourself the question?  What if your cosmic life has order?

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

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