What if We Experienced Our Life Force as Limitless?


Have you been hitting roadblocks, getting stuck in the muck, unsure how to move forward?

What if you were to imagine yourself as limitless? Able to circumvent whatever gets in your way?

Limited Beliefs Imposed

As children and through young adulthood, many limited beliefs were unthinkingly imposed upon us. We listened to our parents, family members and elders whose ideas are often skewed by their own life experience. While growing up I heard expressions of this often.

“No good deed goes unpunished,” is a fine example of a limiting belief.  It suggests that if we extend ourselves to another there will be a punishment.

The more declarative the statement is, the more we reinforce a mistrust of others and ourselves. Imagine how this statement impacts on the quality of our life. If we constantly mistrust others, life proceeds as if we are our only ally.  It presumes we cannot assist others or work together as a team and that we have no freedom of choice when it comes to participating in the lives of others.

The most important aspect of the decision to assist another person, relies in our ability to discern our own perspective and attitudes. If we expect something in return, we have an agenda.  If we feel the desire to give our life force without condition, notice if it is also given with respect for the other person. When we want to rescue someone, it may be our need for approval.

There are people who willingly give their energy away without regard for their own needs, sacrificing their ability to survive without life’s basics.  I have known people who have given away the rent money and not taken care of their own needs first.

Consider the motivations in your actions.

Limitless Life Design

Our lives are designed to have a flow. There is a law of circulation. In its pure form we act with our life force without an agenda, seeking no reciprocation. Once we add conditions to an action, purity and flow are lost.  If we do not get our expected result, we react with disappointment. We have created a counter-productive scenario, blocking the flow.

path thro treesI have come to the realization that life is meant to be a wondrous experience with unexpected twists and turns. We experiment with life on a daily basis, but not in a controlled way. As we surrender our internal controls, life unfolds in unexpected ways and we begin to feel a rhythm and the pulse of life reveals itself.

Surrender occurs moment to moment as we live life in a conscious way.

Fear dissipates and is replaced with a feeling of knowing and well being.

Trust and discernment become the guide, in concert with our body. Our body knows truth. The feeling is one of solidity, clarity and relaxation.

Internal Navigation

Have you noticed there are times when you have operated your life from a place of knowing? Maybe you have noticed times when you are living in the unknown.  Have you been willing to allow yourself to move forward regardless of the fears your mind perpetuates?

Discernment, through questioning, provides an internal navigation system keeping synchronicity and flow alive.  The moment you stop breathing the flood gates close.

Our breath is the incredible feature of our body. It is the greatest example of giving and receiving. If you stop breathing your body tenses; when you breathe in and out, your body relaxes!  Awareness of your breath relaxes your body. Why do we forget to pay attention to our breath?

Purity of Heart

limitlessLiving life from a calm body allows purity of heart to shine. There is a sense of joy and well-being that is constant. The moment a tension arises within you, return to the breath. As your body relaxes, ask questions for the purpose of clarity. The answers will surface.

This may sound easy, but it takes practice. After all, haven’t we spend most of our life in reaction rather than response?

Live fully in your body, be clear, feel truth in all you do and take conscious action.  Allow your purity of heart to show through.  The feeling of freedom acknowledges the flow.  Living from the place of commitment to consciousness will keep life moving.

We have choice, conscious choice to live an enhanced creative life.  What choices do you need to make to fulfill your life desires?  Can you stand on your own, letting go of preconceived ideas?

Build your internal network so strongly that your trust shines.

Accept and respect your precious, limitless life force!

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