Guest Post – How to Retire Old Habits & Connect With Inner Wisdom

denuelle guest blog new pathYour inner guidance system (aka: inner compass) is always right. It keeps you balanced and gives you refuge from feeling “off.” It is a beacon in times of storm and rewards you with feelings of health and happiness.  Your inner guidance system empowers you to thrive in your truth. Except sometimes, we can get stuck in patterns that block us from consciously accessing this system. Sometimes we need to retire old habits in order to consciously connect with our inner wisdom.

A good example of this came from a client of mine I will call Jane. She came to me after her husband died suddenly, two years prior. She stated she was working at a job she liked, living in a home she loved, and according to her, genuinely doing well, even though she still missed her husband greatly. So what was it? Why the call for coaching? Upon exploration, Jane and I discovered that, unbeknownst to her, she was still operating from old habits. Due to guilt (for not being able to save her husband) and shame (for wanting to be happy now) she hadn’t updated her truth since her husband died.

Jane was still navigating her life from old patterns and habits that said, I am right where I am supposed to be, with this man, in this house, in this moment in time. She was holding on desperately to that piece in her that was aligned when her husband was alive, when they were together in love and life. But holding on to a story that was no longer serving her, blocked her from updating her life and allowing her truth, her new story, to emerge.

denuelle guest blog inner wisdomIt was time to give herself permission to allow this truth, along with her new life and circumstances, to shine through.  Jane needed to let go of her old habits and embrace what she knew, now, in the present moment: the big house no longer filled her soul when she walked through its front door, and the neighborhood, where she once enjoyed walking with her husband, no longer held her interest. Her heart was screaming time for something new, time to write my next chapter.

So,  through our coaching together over the next few months, Jane was able to identify what was no longer serving her well, explore and clarify what her heart truly wanted, and take the necessary steps to consciously bring forth her life purpose.*

I heard from Jane several months after our coaching together ended, she reported that she was savoring everyday as she enjoyed her new home, her new job (surprise!) and new lease on life!

Some Signs That You May be Operating from Old Patterns

  • You feel like something is off or missing from your life.
  • You are starting to feel unsettled, where you once were content.
  • You feel guilt or shame for no longer being satisfied with your life that once made you feel so happy.
  • You feel like you are on the edge of something greater.

Tips for Allowing Your Truth to Emerge

  • Ask a trusted friend, coach, or therapist to help you see the old patterns that you are missing. Remember, at times, we get “stuck,” and can keep doing the same thing over and over without even realizing it. Often you need an outsider to help shine a light on these patterns.
  • Once you see them, it’s time to bid a proper farewell to your old habits. Say (write) thank you for all they did for you.
  • Give yourself permission to let go, to make room for your new truth to fully emerge, by asking: What do I want? What do I want the next chapter to look like? What do I need to let go of in order to allow my new inner to emerge?
  • Be patient and allow the process to unfold organically. As you do, your confidence will increase; you will consciously start to “wake up” and trust that voice within you that will lead you to your inner truth.

Denuelle chin hands back cover 2 jan 21 13 crpdDenuelle Meyer, MS CC BCC, is certified as a Life Coach, Life Purpose and Career Coach as well as a founding Board Certified Coach. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

She specializes in helping women discover and connect to what truly makes them happy. Through her private Life Coaching practice, she is passionate about supporting, empowering, and challenging women to find their life purpose in order to Live. Fully. Now.


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  1. My Pleasure Brenda! It takes courage to dig deep and excavate. Good for you! And remember… during the “digging deep” parts of life, it’s normal to hit a few road blocks along the way, it only makes the prize that much sweeter! Best of luck to you! Denuelle

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