Guest Post: The Winged One by Jennifer Lipski

Need some inner nourishment?  Enjoy this guest post from Jennifer Lipski, co-creator of MyMetaWorld: Inner Wisdom in Community.

I first connected with Jennifer Lipski when she interviewed me for her “8 Minutes of Awesome” video series. We have had many conversations since (including a follow-up interview); I treasure our deepening friendship. I was moved when I read this and wanted to share with you a moment of remembering, receiving and gratitude. Laurie

The Winged One

AutumnalEquinoxI was uber-stressed this morning. Things—everything—felt like it had hit the top note of a crescendo, and it sat there at that note, vibrating in my head so loudly that it made my heart pound.

This is not usual for me, and that sustenato added a further jagged edge to my being. I needed to be in the air and amidst the trees. I pulled on my boots, and went down to the creek that runs through my parents’ property. I took my sacred shell, filled with white sage, cedar and sweetgrass. I walked to the water, and stood in the pure quiet, and focused only on hearing the smooth gurgles of the passing water. In time, it washed me with its sound; it made new my raw bits, and softened my edges.

The sun began to warm me and everything around me, so much so that it felt like an embrace from a beloved. I began to say prayers, for all I’ve learned and have yet to learn. For my teachers, for the lessons, and for both the light and the dark.

eagle (3)I looked up the creek then, and saw something in the sky.

At first I thought it was a vulture, its silhouette black in the sky. But my gaze didn’t waver; in that moment, I was captivated as the winged one flew closer with immense power, ease and grace. It came lower, and now was flying between the two rows of trees that lined the creek, coming directly, and I gasped as it passed not far over my head, continuing on its own journey. It was a wild bald eagle, in all of its gorgeous, unfettered, magnificent and powerful glory.

I wept at that moment with sheer joy.

Whatever you do and however it is you fill your day, make it be so from your heart of hearts.

Jennifer LipskiJennifer Lipski is the Co-Creator of MyMetaWorld: Inner Wisdom in Community. With thirty years in health & wellness, Jennifer’s greatest joy comes from helping others to access their own inner voices, as well as their own innate capacity for healing.  She is a Registered Nurse, published writer, editor, researcher, avid home cook and animal advocate with a BS/Technical & Science Communications and is completing her MA in Transpersonal Psychology/Consciousness. While on the journey of accessing and learning about her own inner self, she has explored poetry, pottery and painting.  Jennifer connects deeply with the dream world, enjoys being in nature, and practices daily meditation and hatha yoga.  Her personal message: “It’s a heart-shaped world.”




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2 Responses

  1. Diane, Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts about this piece. Indeed, it came from my heart of hearts, and it was a blessing to have had this experience in which to share. And deep gratitude to Laurie Seymour for our mutual support, our growing friendship, and for making this piece a part of her inspired and magnificent project, The Baca Journey.
    With Bright Blessings to All, Always –
    Jennifer Lipski

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