Truth in Action: How to Love When in the Midst of Great Change

Some days it feels like change really is the only thing that is constant. It can be hard to hold onto a feeling of the truth inside of you.

Even when you’ve learned to alter course when needed and to take steps that feel good to you. Change can still steal your breath.

Of course every new situation brings with it the possibility for self-discovery. Because inner expansiveness, by its very nature, is new territory; it brings you to a place you have not experienced before.

The problem is that there is more involved than you might realize.

There are times you are stretched beyond comfort. That can mean you don’t have resources at the ready to successfully navigate through these particular waters. You run aground. You fall into agreement even when you feel a resounding NO inside. Or you back away when your heart yearns to whisper yes.

Creating Boundaries Within Expansiveness

What’s so different here?

When change takes you beyond where you have ever been before, everything is up in the air. Relationships. Work. Daily life.

You probably feel the need to create different boundaries than you had before. As I have been propelled into an inner expanse that is spacious and replete with possibility, it has brought with it some of the hardest cycles of learning I’ve ever known. My internal landscape has exploded open (yes, way beyond stretched).

Situations that once seemed acceptable, now shred my heart.

I am changed. I’m no longer able to hang in the wind without speaking up. The gift in all this? (Yes, there is one and I am so grateful for it.) The courage and willingness to give voice to what I had ignored has, wonder-of-wonders, opened the door to deeper love.

Please, have courage to stand for what matters to you.

The Truth Within the Truth

Sometimes others don’t want to hear the truth that you discover. Particularly if it involves them! That’s normal.

Struggle comes when you want them to agree with you.

Here’s the truth within the truth: It doesn’t matter. They don’t need to hear you. You don’t need their agreement to validate what you know in your body. That feeling of inner clarity? That’s yours. Savor it. It won’t taste the same to anyone else. Even if you know it would free them up on the karmic registry. Truth is your gift to receive.

Here’s why: Every single one of us has to learn what is ours to learn. That’s just the way it works.

Love Interrupted

love-awakened-is-the-fundamental-element-of-creation-1Love is in essence unconditional. It is vibrational, not emotional. It flows naturally. However, there is a caveat here. You can interrupt the flow of love in a flash. Not feeling good about yourself? That interrupts love in every direction: feeling it, expressing it and receiving it. Think that someone doesn’t love you enough, or in the right way? That measuring stick is a killer every time.

Pause for a moment.

Take them out of the equation. Add yourself in as the variable instead of them. What if you loved yourself unconditionally? What if you gave to yourself exactly what you long for from them? This gives them freedom to be who they are. And you? You get to give yourself what you need. You get to express love and to receive it. The best part? You emanate the vibration of unconditional love. What goes around does indeed come around.

This becomes your gift to the world.

Has it been like this for you, too? I’d love to hear. The changes of this year hold a demand for each of us to show up in the fullness of who we are, to be the light and to carry the standard for truth on high. Now more than ever.

Ready to have a virtual cup of tea with me and talk about where you’ve been (and where you’re heading)? Reach out to me here to schedule a complimentary session. This will guide us on how to move forward, together. We’ll explore the possibilities so that you know your next steps!


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13 Responses

  1. I like that you say, “Change can still steal your breath.” It’s change that creates growth in our inner and outer world. When we love ourselves unconditionally it is much easier to love others without judgement. We humans get into deep water with judgement and the blame game. Giving ourselves what we want for others is a beautiful thing and can transform the world!

    1. Thank you Debra! Both giving to ourselves what we want for others as well as what we want FROM others transforms everything.

  2. “Add yourself in as the variable instead of them. What if you loved yourself unconditionally?” This is the solution to so much of our suffering. Thank you, Laurie.

  3. A beautiful writing Laurie. I love that you introduce the idea of creating new boundaries in time of change. Often times, in change fear crops up and we hold onto the old ways. No matter what happens if we all can love ourselves unconditionally, it will ripple outward. xx

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