Illusion and Illumination: A Gift for these Holy and Provocative Times

Have you been feeling buffeted by life? You are not alone. These past months such intense events and emotions have been in flux for many. It’s no wonder that it’s difficult to hold your footing amidst these tides of change. The world has been swimming in illusion that we have been reluctant to release.

Holy and Provocative Times

These are holy and provocative times. The Universe is inviting the winds of truth to disperse any illusion that has held us in its grip. What do I mean by illusion? Believing that “things have gotten so much better” so that we relax into acting as if all is well. We spin story lines that allow us to ignore the truth. More importantly, we close our eyes to what our body knows to be true.

With the invitation from the Universe comes a demand. Yes, there is internal work to be done, to come to greater truths about ourselves and our relationships. At the same time, this need is mirrored in our world: chaos, confusion and division threaten as they stand revealed. What has been unearthed opens the door for new possibility. However, as long as our vision is directed outwards, we will not see the inner fire of truth, only the reflection that is generated. Sometimes there are illusions hiding other, deeper illusions. So we must always return inwards to find the light to guide our way.

Ground in Love

Do we ignore this outer chaos? Dismiss it? Indeed not. For that only denies a part of our experience and denial is what has gotten us here, mired in false stories.

Let us, collectively, see this mirror for what it is: a reflection of unease. That is, something that is hidden from view, disruptive. Unease and disruption compel our attention. But that is a good thing. Our attention is needed so that unease does not become dis-ease.

What is the answer? The connective tissue of our embedded inter-relatedness must be given the opportunity to mend. It needs nourishment from illumined light and fresh air. It requires grounding in Love. The vibration of Love, for yourself and for each other, flourishes in the illumined light of truth.

Let the Fire of Truth Consume Illusion

Hold fast to inner truth that is revealed as the fires consume illusion. There is no need for fear. What is needed instead? Willingness. Willingness to unearth what does not serve you and to let it disperse in the winds. You will revel in that release, unburdened and more free than you could imagine.

You may not know what will fill the gap where illusion once reigned. In fact, you probably won’t. Because this is the void, the empty space that stands between what you have released and what has not yet formed.

Let your willingness expand to open your heart. Be willing to rest in this space so that you can receive something fresh and new.

There is much to be done in the coming year. Great challenges lie ahead and we are nowhere near done with this shadow revelation. But we can each contribute to a more tolerant and progressive world by dropping our own pretense, embracing the truth of who we are and daring to share it with those around us, knowing that doing so helps them do the same. What we endeavour to hide will be unceremoniously revealed; where we aim to deceive, we will fail; what we pretend, will be exposed as a lie….But truth, authenticity, honesty and good-natured humour – even in the face of our greatest challenges – will all contribute to an atmosphere of acceptance, support and love, allowing compassion to rise like a bubble and dissolve even the most well-crafted and deep-rooted lie. ~ Sarah Varcas19th December 2016 – 8th January 2017: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius

My Gift for You

illusionMy gift to you is this series of “Illuminations.” You may have seen a few of them before; most are new and brought together in this video to shine the light in the coming days. May it bring you joy, peace and help illuminate the next part of your journey.

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8 Responses

  1. I really love this, “But truth, authenticity, honesty and good-natured humour – even in the face of our greatest challenges – will all contribute to an atmosphere of acceptance, support and love, allowing compassion to rise like a bubble and dissolve even the most well-crafted and deep-rooted lie.”

    I’m really hoping this begins to happen soon, with myself, as well as with so many who claim to be light workers.

  2. Exquisite. Will re-read as it’s so rich, Laurie. This offers comfort and joy plus the hope of feeling Fa lalala, la la la la!??? Merry Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  3. Beautiful. Thank you, Laurie. I find your words very helpful in what is being a truly challenging time for me, when I have been in grief over the shattering of my illusions.

    1. I’m so glad that this was helpful for you Ellen. I’m finding that it takes tremendous courage to face the shattering of my illusions.

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