Where can we find our footing?

When I injured my ankle mid-January, I didn’t know that my personal message of “slow down, get quiet, listen inside” was going to become the energetic demand felt throughout the world. What was my own inner call, is now echoing in the hearts of so many of us. It is the opportunity that is before us, with the added piece of this evolutionary trajectory: that we have the capacity to Come Together.

It is not uncommon during a public crisis such as is present on the planet today, to feel alone, anxious and disconnected from the source of our own inner support. Our daily patterns have changed. With schools closing and more businesses instituting work-from-home policies, a sense of isolation can grow stronger.

With the government direction to distance socially, there is even more of a feeling of unavailability of support. If we cannot be with others, what do we do?

Balance and Equilibrium

This virus knows no distinctions between people nor borders. Blame, if we try and go there, lands inside us with a thud. In fact, the inner experience of blame disturbs our equilibrium, degrading our immune system—the very part of us that we most need intact. The importance of calm, not fear, of creative thought, not judgment, of connection, not isolation, is vital to our well-being. Even more so, to our thriving.

Perhaps this is the greatest lesson that can be received through all of this: that our inner connection is where we find our footing.  

Inside is where we connect with the truth of who we are. With the resources that are available to navigate clearly and with confidence. It is the source of our creative, resourceful response to anything and everything that comes our way. It is where innovation is birthed.

Yes, innovation, because we need new answers to what’s happening, and they won’t be found by doing the same things we’ve always done.

Find Our Footing

When we are truly aligned inside, we are connected. We bring our unique brilliance to the collective well-being of the planet.  It is time for this!

Here is my invitation. Join us for our twice weekly Turaya Meditation Live Online. If you are now working remotely, create space in your schedule to connect in: with yourself and your inner resources, and with a welcoming community. You don’t need to feel alone.

I’ve been holding these sessions online for almost 6 years. It feels incredibly timely to open this up now to a wider community.

You can join one or both of the sessions each week, as your schedule allows. There is also a library of over 600 recordings if you cannot make it live! It’s $59/month for 2 weekly sessions/month. Not much more than the price of that latte you’ve stopped going out to get.

And way more fulfilling.

Your resource for HOW to go inside, to find our footing…and to do it with others, around the world, virtually, in an intimate, connected setting is here: https://thebacainstitute.com/turaya-2/#section-meditation

May this time of “great pause” allow you to re-calibrate your inner connection and your daily actions. Let’s come together.

It’s our time. And you are invited!

Featured Image Photo credit: garlandcannon on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

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  1. Great ideas and things to do in a time of life that is very upsetting. This helps cope with all that is occurring. Thanks.


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