Step off the Cliff So You Can Fly! A Conversation with Gail Larsen on Transformational Speaking

Transformational SpeakingIs your soul speaking louder than your voice? What would you share with the world if you dared?

A while ago I shared with you my powerhouse experience with Gail Larsen during her Transformational Speaking Intensive in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This time I had the deep pleasure of sitting down with Gail for Wisdom Talk Radio. We had a remarkable conversation.

Let Your Soul Be Stirred

Gail’s work has been described by Fast Company as “transforming your relationship to your voice via the deepest stirrings of your soul.” She takes on what is often considered our greatest fear—public speaking—and helps us understand that fear is truly excitement without the breath. She helps people connect with the deepest truth of who they are,  bringing that into expression to open hearts, inspire change, and move people to act.

Gail’s message is clear: “Each of us have gifts and talents that are nowhere else duplicated. If we don’t express our medicine, it is lost to the world for all time. The world needs us.”

She goes on to say that when we connect with our “original medicine”, all of the parts of us start flying into formation. Many of us have walked along multiple paths most of our lives.  This brings home the truth that all roads can lead home. That each carry an integral thread that becomes woven into our tapestry. As Gail says, “something new always comes when you are in the home zone.” Trust in your own experience, a willingness to express from your core and a bit of magic make a potent mix.

Listen in to the podcast to discover what Gail means by your “Holy Fool Act,” how retirement is an out-dated modelTransformational Speaking and how aging can look differently in our culture. Find it on Wisdom Talk Radio, on iTunes.

Transformational Speaking Online

Gail offers Transformational Speaking to a global audience through both her Online Academy and monthly live immersions in New Mexico. Even if you can’t make it to be with her in Santa Fe, her Online Academy will help you “change the world by telling a better story”. In fact, her Online Academy includes material that she doesn’t have time to include in the live class. You get a chance to be with Gail for live group calls and to get feedback on your videos. Not to be missed.

I share Gail’s work with anyone who will listen.

People work with Gail because…

  • you have a message burning inside that needs to be shared on a wider stage
  • you want to speak from the heart to inspire people to take action
  • you want to discover the potent medicine of speaking with your essential voice
  • you want to speak from your heart and trust yourself in the moment

Listen closely to your heart. Is there something you must speak? This is the time to shed the shadows. Your voice is oh-so-needed in the world.

Step off the cliff and spread your wings. You are ready to fly!

Ready to have a virtual cup of tea with me and talk about where you’ve been (and where you’re heading)? Reach out to me here to schedule a complimentary session


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12 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely post. I enjoyed the aspect of my soul is speaking louder than my voice. Really nice way of putting it. xoxo

  2. Your article speaks to my heart and soul. I have been invited to speak in Glastonbury in 2017 and need to begin my path of speaking in front of groups. I speak from the heart connected to my higher inner source of all knowing. I will definitely be following up on the info you provided by Gail Larson. This is what I tell people all the time and Gail expressed it perfectly – “Each of us have gifts and talents that are nowhere else duplicated. If we don’t express our medicine, it is lost to the world for all time. The world needs us.” Thank you Laurie! 🙂

    1. Yes, Debra, I know that we share that. When you connect with Gail, let her know that you came from me. She’ll be delighted! I hope you have a chance to listen to the podcast. It is a special one, indeed.

  3. I used to do a lot of public speaking during my work life. Now that I am retired, I love letting my written work be the voice that goes out in the world with my gifts.

    1. Our voice can emerge in many different ways, Barb. How lovely that you have connected with your writing in such a deep way!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Sheila! Working with Gail certainly was a key step of me stepping fully into my original medicine.

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